Prepping The Nest

Your Personal guide to ensure your home is shoot ready.

We want your images to shine as brightly as you do! Use the following guide to help you organize your space prior to the photoshoot so your images dazzle and awe the viewer!

Prepping your nest is one of the most important steps prior to your photoshoot. Following this list will ensure in the highest quality results:


  • Clean home prior to photo shoot

  • Declutter and hide personal effects 

  • Open all blinds and curtains

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Turn on all lights 

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop

  • Clean windows

  • Replace all light bulbs with matching 100 wt bulbs

  • Remove Seasonal Decorations 

  • Remove pets from property during duration of media 

  • Tuck in cords 

Living Room

  • Hide remote controls 

  • Clear floor and surfaces of clutter

  • Turn tv off

  • Arrange furniture to showcase features- do not block windows or fireplaces 


  • Remove all items from countertop

  • Hide appliances

  • Remove sponges and cleaning supplies

  • Do the dishes

  • Remove trashcans

  • Remove magnets and other clutter on refrigerator 


  • Put toilet seat down

  • Empty shower of shampoo and conditioners

  • Remove all toiletries from countertops 

  • Remove plunger, toilet scrubber and trash can 

  • Clean shower and mirror 


  • Remove all clutter from floor

  • Place laundry and personal effects in closet 

  • Make bed 

  • Organize toys, remove toys


  • Remove cars from driveway

  • Place trashcans in garage

  • Roll up garden hose 

  • Mow the lawn 

  • Ensure outdoor furniture is free of debris

  • Sweep pathways

  • Remove BBQ cover 

  • Remove hot tub and pool cover