Dream Home Images is the premier luxury digital marketing company. We provide distinct architectural photography, video, drone, and more. Proudly serving California and beyond.


We are the solution for your marketing needs.

With an eye for design and attention to lighting and detail, Dream Home Images specializes in Architectural Photography.  We have dedicated our career to documenting structures through clean and creative photography, stunning cinematic videos, and more. Our love for design and imagery combined with our experience and technical skills is what makes this team stand out from the crowd. The philosophy behind our astounding success is a constant drive to improve our craft and expand our knowledge with a core value of always producing work with higher standards creating unparalleled results.

Our knowledge and experience combined with your vision will give viewers the whole picture of your property before walking through the front door. Our comprehensive methods maximize interest in your target market. 

From wide-angle shots of tight spaces to close-up details, aerial views, and 3D walkthroughs, Dream Home Images gives clients a broader understanding of your property and its surroundings: we do it all. Our services are excellent for real estate agents, interior designers, builders, architects, and vacation homeowners. 

At Dream Home Images, our aim isn’t to build client lists but to build long-term relationships and client satisfaction. We focus on creating the best experience for you. We work with the top agents, architects, builders, and developers in Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, Palm Springs, as well as many other cities in California and nation wide. 



Krista Abel Dream Home Images

Krista Abel

Krista Abel is an architectural photographer and cinematic creator. Krista has been commissioned to photographed over 10,000 commercial, residential and interior spaces. With ever changing technology, Krista is obsessed with staying up to date on the latest trends and fine tuning them so that each space photographed captures the essence, design, and character creating timeless and compelling images.

Krista's passion is capturing the beauty & life in her subjects. Her work has been featured in Readers Digest, Business Insider, Curbed, Dwell, Family Handyman, as well as has been featured on the covers of Coastal Estates and Homes Magazine. Krista has been awarded the title of Elite Photographer from Zillow.

When not photographing beautiful spaces, Krista enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Krista holds the 2004 world record for eating 82 Big Macs in one sitting. She enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and good wine

Greg Hansen Dream Home Images

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen is an integral part of Dream Home Images since 2016. Greg manages day-to-day operations with passion and enthusiasm including scheduling, billing, and product development. Greg collaborates closely with partners to support every aspect of our company keeping Dream Home Images running smoothly. Additionally, Greg operates our 3d technology and is our drone operator capturing stunning aerial and video footage.

Greg’s passion for for his work shows through on every image, video and 3d space he creates. His work has been featured on the cover of Coast Estates and Homes Magazine.

When not at work, Greg enjoys barbecuing, hiking, and spending time with his family. Greg has a passion for art, and his paintings have been featured in several galleries around San Jose. In 1987, Greg was a featured extra in Spaceballs 2 along side John Candy.

Prepping your nest is one of the most important steps prior to your photoshoot. Following this list will ensure the highest quality results:


Santa Cruz Real Estate Photographer
  • Clean home prior to photo shoot

  • Declutter and hide personal effects 

  • Open all blinds and curtains

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Turn on all lights 

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop

  • Clean windows

  • Replace all light bulbs with matching 100 wt bulbs

  • Remove Seasonal Decorations 

  • Remove pets from property during duration of media 

  • Tuck in cords 


Santa Cruz Real Estate Photographer  Dream Home Images

Living Room

  • Hide remote controls 

  • Clear floor and surfaces of clutter

  • Turn TV off

  • Arrange furniture to showcase features - do not block windows or fireplaces 

  • Open drapes

  • Dust and vacuum


Santa Cruz Real Estate Photographer


  • Remove all items from countertop

  • Hide appliances

  • Remove sponges and cleaning supplies

  • Do the dishes

  • Remove trashcans

  • Remove magnets and other clutter on refrigerator 


Santa Cruz Real Estate Photographer


  • Put toilet seat down

  • Empty shower of shampoo and conditioners

  • Remove all toiletries from countertops 

  • Remove plunger, toilet scrubber, and trash can 

  • Clean shower and mirror 

  • Ensure all light bulbs are working

  • Add flowers for a nice pop of color

Santa Cruz Real Estate Photographer  Dream Home Images


  • Remove all clutter from floor

  • Place laundry and personal effects in closet 

  • Make bed 

  • Organize toys, remove toys

  • Less is More

  • Ensure all lights are working and plugged in


Santa Cruz Real Estate Photographer  Dream Home Images


  • Remove cars from driveway

  • Place trashcans in garage

  • Roll up garden hose 

  • Mow the lawn 

  • Ensure outdoor furniture is free of debris

  • Sweep pathways

  • Remove BBQ cover 

  • Remove hot tub and pool cover 




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